Introduction to Rent a Candle

After 20 years in the function services business and many years of Franchising experience, a decision was taken to change our Business Structure by offering interested and challenge driven people the opportunity to start their own business.

We are excited to share with you, our vast experience and expertise in the MAKING OF  YOUR  OWN  CANDLES  which will assist you in the running of your own Function Hire Business.

Together with our competitive pricing structure and high quality of work and being the leaders in the field of Renting Candles, our success is virtually guaranteed.

What we offer

Teaching you to make your own candles, which will enable you to start your business, allowing you your own Business Name to advertise your product as you see fit.

Training will be done at our Rent a Candle Factory in Cape Town and will consist of “Hands-on” training lasting a full week.

Cost of travel and accommodation for your own account.

The cost of acquiring the “CANDLE  KNOW-HOW  TRAINING” to manufacture your own candles will be R 15 000.00  (Fifteen Thousand Rand)

Once the course has been completed, orders to purchase any of the variety of Candle Stands available from our range, can be placed with our office, which will be manufactured as per our pricing structure for these items at that point in time.

Our Vision

To assist as many people as possible in building their own business at home or in a retail outlet and to help those people to become financially independent and self-sufficient.

To teach them, how to maintain a high standard of workmanship and quality and to develop and grow and to recognise the talents and ideas of such people.

What is your next step  ?

E-mail your contact details to info@rentacandle.co.za
Fax your contact details to attention DeWet van Rooyen or Hetta Jenkins

To arrange your training schedule
And the start of an exciting career opportunity  !